A fully integrated themed artistic production. Greece travelling through time and along with her, travel our guests. From antiquity to nowadays, a bright path, impressive costumes, music and unique performances.

The first touch comes from a warm welcome by Priestesses, High Priestesses, Nymphs, replicas of Archaic Statues , Characters representing Greek Gods  and Live Statues

The sound of the Drums which enriched also the Opening Ceremony of the Athens 2004 Olympic Games and the first note coming from the “fairy” hands of a magnificent Harpist.

The mystic moves, the scene and the Priestesses’ Ceremonial Choreography will transform the event into a unique ceremony.

Greece is traveling and leaves her marks in time. Impressive performing projects on stage, such as Spartan Secrets and Odysseus’s Dream will create the perfect atmosphere bringing on stage in a unique way, pictures and moments from the ancient times.

Modern Greece is coming to live through an impressive Grand Finale where the stars are the famous SYRTAKI, the Zorbas song and melodies from great Greek composers such as M. Theodorakis, S. Xarchakos and G. Zampetas.

Greece through Times is a project which welcomes the citizens of the world and brings Greece closer to them by offering the best and impressive memories.

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