The action of Drummunication is a unique way to communicate Teamwork and Team Bonding to your team.

It is an activity which can be attended by anyone without musical knowledge and skills. Under the guidance of an experienced and inspirational leader – facilitator and with the Motto “Trust the Leader” all the impossible becomes possible. The result …

The participants “awake” their abilities in team work and communication and the reaction among the team, creates an amazing result within only one hour.

We build the orchestration on simple rhythm patterns, which are combined together, creating a rhythmic music frame, where each team communicates and cooperates in a creative way and evolve the orchestration under the guidance of the Drum Leader.

In Drummunication, we usually use African and Latin American percussion instruments including Djembe, bells, shakers etc. There is the possibility, in cooperation with the production team, participants play with either your company’s products, which can produce sound, or recyclable materials – cookware etc.

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