A Tailor made Interactive Workshop

The following artistic proposal is based on teamwork, communication and imagination of the participants through different collective artistic actions. The aim is the creation and execution, through the stages of an ‘artistic education’, of a single orchestrated musical theme (it could be the anthem of the company / the group / product) where players of all components are the guests themselves.

The lyrics, which are the most basic component, will be written and sung by the participants themselves. A series of keywords that will be provided to help in the creation of the lyrics, i.e. passion, team, together, up, etc. The musical composition of hymn and lyrics Refrain will be prepared in advance and will be provided to the participants.

ACTION scene by scene

Welcome by the instructors / musicians.

Our Instructors Musicians will create a rhythmic welcome scene.

The Energy is high and the DRUM Leader speaks to the participants and explains how the separate groups will work while presenting a instructor for each group.

Groups are formed.


  1. Groovy masters
  2. Dancers
  3. CHOIR.

Each group heads to the place of action and the “formation” of the 4 elements begins:

LYRICS – RHYTHMIC Support – Dance accompaniment – Choir musical theme song melodic line.

Each group has 30 to 40 minutes for preparation.

All groups are coordinated by the artistic production team and the art director which will be in charge of the flow and action (Mr. Petros Kourtis). When all groups finish their practice, they meet in a specially designed area to combine the four elements and build the orchestration.

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